3 Way Distalizer
Distalizer with Acrylic
Distalizer without Acrylic
About The Inman Power Component

The ipc appliance is easy to adjust by the patient or patient’s guardian, making it a very efficient choice of creating force.

The ipc compresses coil spring with an easy to adjust unidirectional sliding lock, it can be

Advanced 1mm “click” at a time for accurate predictable activation.

There are many ways to use the inman power component, you can do any kind of movement it can be used to protude anteriors, regain space distalize molars and bicuspids,expand and arches and you can perform multiple movements with one appliance

The ipc is extremely comfortable compared to other components available.

The ipc distalizers provide effective distalmolar movement and limits mesial movement through the incorportation of a nance button. It extends tubes to guide the max 1st molars during distalization. The activation is done when compressing the niti open coil springs agains the molar tube.

Ipc is great holding power, easy to activate and it wont back up!