Digital Study Models/Set Ups

Ricoh Orthodontic Appliances Inc. is entering the future with a full digital orthodontic workflow offering you a one-stop-shop service where, from a single set of impressions, we can now provide you with all your conventional orthodontic appliances and Digital Study Models for diagnosis, treatment planning and record keeping. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality and patient satisfaction.

From scans or impressions, we can easily and quickly have your study models made and returned back digitally providing you with a free ortho viewer software and free and secure backup and storage.

This is an inexpensive easy way to save time, money and space!

Rough Finish

Standard Finish

We can easily convert your impressions and stone models into files to help you Avoid lost or broken models & the need to retake impressions when a retainer gets lost!

You can free up valuable space & save money on storage.

We provide you with free and user friendly ortho viewer software for 3D manipulation & you will always have easy access to your files with a HIPAA compliant storage.

We are compatible with: